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Environmental care


With sustainability being integral to who EOS is, it should come as no surprise that we’ve created a corporate culture that maintains a focus on looking after the planet. While most companies are good at “talking green”, doing our bit for planet Earth is all about quietly taking care of things.

EOS aspires to Enviro-Mark rating
EOS is working through the requirements to earn a bronze Enviro-Mark rating, as part of our corporate culture to be not just working IN the environment, but FOR it.

New Zealand's original environmental certification programme, Enviro-Mark has been around for ten years and has proven its worth to companies serious about implementing a credible and effective environmental management system.

“Slowly but surely clients are starting to want, even demand, that their suppliers are demonstrating they care for the environment,” said Erron Henderson, EOS’s managing director.

“We’ve been quietly doing our bit for years, with our low fuel, low energy use policy and recycling where we can – even our sample preservatives! Enviro-Mark will provide the proof our clients need, that we are who we say we are.”

Low Energy/Fuel Use
For us this means using rechargeable batteries in all battery powered appliances and turning everything off when it’s not in use. When possible, we buy locally-made equipment and use local sub-contractors to save on fuel. To further save fuel we utilise small engine company vehicles and promote biking to work – we’re proud to say we clocked up 1800 km on our bikes during Bikewise Battle month (Feb ’09).

Low Impact and Recycling
We’re focused on reducing our impact on the environment. Recycling and composting is included as an expected behaviour in every staff member’s contract. To further lessen our impact we use biodegradable cleaners, environmentally friendly paper, and recycle our sample preservative.

Conservation and Biodiversity
We contribute our time and energy to community-based biodiversity projects such as the Cashmere Stream Care Group, the Styx Living Laboratory Trust, and various streamside planting days – we feel it’s important.

Choosing to recycle our sample preservative (IPA) is a core component of our environmental care programme. grey-BR

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