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Emily Demchick


Position: Freshwater Ecology Scientist
Qualification: BSc (hons) Ecology

Freshwater invertebrate identification
Macroinvertebrate sample processing
Fieldwork implementation

Emily moved to New Zealand from the United States of America in 2007 and found this both challenging but incredibly rewarding. Moving to Christchurch to join the EOS Ecology team is her next challenge; both frightening and exciting; "I can’t wait to see what adventures it will bring!"

As a recent graduate from Massey University, Emily is looking forward to putting into practice everything she learnt throughout her studies. Emily completed her honours in Ecology, so the chance to work within the context of freshwater ecosystem management and conservation is a dream come true.

"I am very excited to have a job which allows me to combine my love of entomology and taxonomy with the opportunity to work in both the lab and the field."

Interesting Titbit
Emily has a life-long love of classical music and would love the opportunity to learn how to play the violin.

Emily Demchick
Emily Demchick puts her love of entomology to good use; identifying a beetle within a sample of stream macroinvertebrates. grey-BR

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