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Erron Henderson


Position: Managing Director
Qualification: MSc

Key Responsibilities
Human resources
Business modelling
Strategic direction

Erron is passionate about HR and believes it should be the backbone of any organisation. To him, it’s more than hiring the right people. It’s also providing them the right tools to achieve the required standards; it’s about systems and processes that are genuine aids; and it’s about constructive feedback, support and development. He believes it requires constant attention. “It’s a complex and fascinating subject and I have more to learn.”

Erron’s very much a systems and processes kind of guy. It should come as no surprise that he’s also a numbers kind of guy. He basically looks at EOS Ecology as one big fluid equation which needs to be financially viable, “otherwise we all lose our jobs”. Top down, bottom up, utilisation, direct labour costs, etc – these are very tangible things to him.

The most creative part of Erron’s job is the strategic component. He just loves that on one level you can let your imagine run and on another, there’s the challenge of turning it into reality!

Interesting Titbit
Thursday evenings is craft beer appreciation. Erron’s concluded that building his own nano-brewery would be cheaper. “When I get around to it, hopefully my concoctions taste as good.”

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spacer Erron’s Contact Details
P: +64 3 389 0538 ext 701
M: +64 27 620 9566
E: Enquiry Form
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Erron Henderson
Erron enjoying a lighthearted moment with one of the team. grey-BR

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