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Kirsty Brennan


Position: Environmental Scientist
Qualification: AdDip Environmental Technology (President's Honor Roll)

Effects of catchment discharge in estuaries
Estuarine ecology
Applications in urban storm-water modelling

Excited at having shifted with her family away from the busy rat-race of Sydney, Kirsty brings to the EOS team six years of experience in estuary and coastal science from Australia.

Having completed an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Technology from Fanshawe College in Ontario, Canada, Kirsty put her qualification to good use studying the effects of catchment activities on ecological processes in estuaries. Prior to that she also gained some useful experience in wildlife management through radio-tracking brush turkeys.

“I really enjoy the job variety offered by my role at EOS. It’s also great to be part of a company with a focus on innovation in ecological management.”

Interesting Titbit
Already a keen surfer and skier, Kirsty has a desire to conquer a completely different challenge – to sing well. While she’s not confident of the likelihood of success, now that the declaration has been made public, she’ll have to give it her best shot!

Kirsty Brennan
Kirsty collecting tuatuas on a fine day. Wonder if she was daydreaming about having a surfboard tucked under her arm? grey-BR

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