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Assessment of Environmental Effects


Service Areas: Assessment of Environmental Effects, Aquatic Sample Processing, Ecosystem Health Assessment, Science Communication

EOS Ecology led the freshwater ecology investigations for the Western Belfast Bypass and Northern Arterial Motorway, two major ‘Roads of National Significance’ proposed for northern Christchurch.

To ensure comprehensive coverage of the freshwater environments potentially impacted by these new roads, EOS Ecology designed field surveys encompassing fish, macroinvertebrates, water quality, and sediment quality to fill the gaps in the existing information available. To minimise the impact of these motorways on aquatic ecosystems our AEE reports included comprehensive lists of mitigation suggestions.

At EOS Ecology we provide detailed and user-friendly AEE reports that are easily understood by consenting authorities and include all the information they require to make informed decisions.

AEE - belfast bypass.
The full spectrum of field surveys were implemented to provide the complete picture for AEE reports grey-BR

Service Areas: Assessment of Environmental Effects, Aquatic Sample Processing, Ecosystem Health Assessment, Science Communication

While investigating the development of a hydro-electric generation scheme for the Waitaha River, Westpower engaged the team at EOS Ecology to carry out the aquatic assessment of environmental effects.

Due to the nature of the environment and the scale of the proposed run-of-the-river scheme, this project involved a challenging “big river” field programme requiring a robust design. Encompassing fish, invertebrates, periphyton, flow modelling, and water quality, EOS provided Westpower with reports on the state of the existing environment. In 2012/2013 we undertook further baseline studies and risk assessments, which Westpower used to finalise their scheme option. We’re now proceeding with an assessment of effects of the proposed scheme on aquatic ecology, and providing recommendations on how these can be mitigated to ensure the adequate protection of the aquatic ecological environment.

Assessing the mainstem of the Waitaha River required a team with big-river sampling skills. grey-BR

Service Areas: Assessment of Environmental Effects, Aquatic Sample Processing, Ecosystem Health Assessment

EOS Ecology was commissioned by Opus to assess the environmental effects of Transit NZ’s extension of Christchurch’s Southern Motorway on the aquatic ecology of the area.

The programme was designed to determine not only the potential for environmental impact during the construction phase but also long-term impacts of stormwater discharges on water bodies. Using both existing data and data collected during field surveys, the team at EOS was able to assess the aquatic ecology of stream and basin environments, determine the potential effects of the scheme, and present this information as expert evidence at resource consent hearings. EOS Ecology has been part of the process from consenting through to the build phase. We are currently contracted to assist with the design and build phase, providing design advice for those aspects relating to the freshwater systems, and designing and implementing transfer strategies for rare native plants.

Construction of the Christchurch Southern Motorway bridge in the upper Heathcote River. grey-BR

Service Areas: Assessment of Environmental Effects, Aquatic Sample Processing, Ecosystem Health Assessment, Urban Ecology, Restoration Design and Monitoring

A resource consent application for the creation of a large stormwater management system on the outskirts of Christchurch required EOS Ecology’s expert aquatic advice. Designed to service a proposed new urban development, this stormwater system involves the realignment of an existing waterway and a stormwater discharge to a river with moderate–high values.

EOS Ecology was engaged to produce a report on the state of the existing aquatic environment and an assessment of environmental effects. Their expertise was also required for the provision of design advice for the realigned waterway. With a belief that in many instances it is possible to meet the needs of development while maintaining and even enhancing aquatic environments, the team at EOS are a key component in the design of the channel realignment and stormwater planning.

Almost up to the armpits collecting macrophyte samples. grey-BR

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