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Service Areas: Original Artwork, Photographic Resources, Science Communication

When writing and designing a work which has a number of historical references the ability to provide original artwork that can help illustrate these is imperative. ‘Exploring an Estuary’, which was commissioned by AHEIT, is one of these projects. Being able to produce original artwork of items that pre-date easy photography helps visualise the story for the readers.

You are only limited by your imagination when the ability to produce original artwork is at your disposal.

Drawings for Exploring an Estuary
Drawings help illustrate content that doesn’t exist in photographic form. grey-BR

Service Areas: Original Artwork

Planning an expedition to Campbell Island, the 50° South Trust approached EOS Ecology to develop their expedition branding and communication strategy. With the core premise being to connect NZ and the world to their research and the wonders of Campbell Island, effective visual communication was vital to grabbing the target markets hearts and minds.

In the ever competitive world of charitable trusts and fundraising, the EOS team needed to create documents that stood out from the crowd. Original artwork was core to our designs, resulting in a look that is unique and ownable. What’s more, they help make the Campbell Island website (designed and built by Deflux) stand out from the crowd.

Drawings for Campbell Island Fundraiser
To attract funding from various sectors, we used original, hand drawn sketches and maps to create a proposal impossible to put down. grey-BR

Service Areas: Original Artwork

Aiming to help Fijian locals identify the freshwater invertebrates in their environment, NIWA commissioned EOS Ecology to design their invertebrate identification guide book.

With the target audience in mind, EOS designed the guide with a simple layout and easy-to-follow black and white (for ease of local printing and copying) drawings illustrating the difference between invertebrates. With no artwork available, this project required a large number of taxonomic drawings to be created. EOS staff created drawings from photographs and preserved specimens that were technically accurate (the right scale, proportion, and features) while retaining a realistic three-dimensional look.

Technical Drawings for Fiji ID Guide
All technical drawings were created from specimens or photographs and highlighted key identification features. grey-BR

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