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Knowledge gained from scientific research is at the heart of our economic and social health. They say that knowledge is power but this is true only if that knowledge can be properly directed. That is why at EOS our scientific research is often targeted to have an applied outcome.

Discovering how our natural environments function will help us to not only design more effective natural systems in urban environments but also to successfully mitigate or restore compromised areas. Our staff relish the chance to sink their teeth into applied research projects. And by developing our research projects around the application of the results, we get to put our research to good use in the community. 

Some examples of our applied research include:

  • Researching the spread of mosquitoes via the stormwater sump networks and looking at ways to control this.
  • Researching natural control options for controlling mosquito larvae in stormwater treatment systems.
  • Monitoring the distribution of freshwater mussels in river systems and determining how this distribution can be retained in urban areas.
  • Travelling to the southern extremes of New Zealand’s territory to assess the condition of Campbell Island streams and providing management scenarios for this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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arrow Campbell Island Invertebrate ID Keys
arrow Campbell Island Bicentennial Expedition
arrow Bioassay Experiments to Monitor Earthquake Effects
arrow Ecological Values of Stock Water Races
arrow Review of Macrophyte Management Techniques
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Applied research helps to solve community-based problems such as mosquitoes breeding in stormwater basins. grey-BR

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