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Without the right equipment and technical expertise, identifying tiny invertebrates enters the realms of the impossible. At EOS, we’ve chosen to invest in the latest laboratory technology and quality staff so that we can turn the impossible into the achievable. As a result, we can maintain the high standards that we, and our clients, have come to expect.

Not only can we process to accepted national protocols, we have the ability to design new processing methods. We’re experts in the identification of freshwater and estuary invertebrates, identifying to a broad (e.g., MCI) or more detailed level of taxonomic resolution. We value the importance of getting the identification right as incorrect classifications can destroy the validity of an entire project. As such, implementing comprehensive Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures is par for the course. Our aquatic specialists undergo regular testing and training to maintain and improve their identification skills and our reference collections are constantly growing.

To further compliment our quality assurance procedures, we track all samples from the time they enter our building to the time they leave; the documentation ensuring samples are never mislaid or mislabelled. We pride ourselves on the excellent levels of service we provide our clients.

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Quality high-magnification stereomicroscopes are essential for accurate invertebrate identification. grey-BR

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