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An Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) is an essential part of any resource consent application in New Zealand. As aquatic specialists, we are regularly employed to produce AEEs determining both the impact of a project on a specific aquatic environment and the measures required to mitigate potential impacts. Where required, the team at EOS can undertake surveys and laboratory analysis to fill in knowledge gaps. The result is the provision of high quality AEE reports and expert, defensible evidence at hearings.

At EOS, one of our strengths is providing an impartial view of a project based solely on the science. With the backing of sound scientific information we can provide our clients with innovative solutions which will minimise the effects of a development on the aquatic environment.

Our clients include city and district councils, industry, and consultants, and encompass a wide range of projects including urban development, water abstraction, stormwater discharges, roading and infrastructure, and in-channel works.

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Assessment of Environmental
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