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Biological surveys have become an essential part of resource management in New Zealand due to their effectiveness in determining the health of a body of water. At EOS, our knowledge of the fish and invertebrate communities found throughout the range of environments in New Zealand allows us to thoroughly assess the health of freshwater and estuary systems. As such, our ecosystem health assessments have been used in developing catchment management plans and prioritising waterways for protection or restoration.

While long-term monitoring programmes can successfully determine whether changes in our environment are affecting our aquatic systems, such programmes are only as effective as their design. With experience gained developing long-term monitoring programmes for New Zealand’s streams and estuaries, our team has the expertise to design programmes that incorporate the correct methodology and the right amount of detail.

Our team of scientists are not just specialists in the careful development and deliverance of appropriate assessment programmes. They are also highly experienced in the field, and what’s more, are all happy to get their hands dirty collecting samples!

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arrow Earthquake Effects On Christchurch's Waterways
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arrow Biological Survey Of The Lower Avon River
arrow Citywide Invertebrate Monitoring
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Assessments of ecosystem health is an integral part of managing our aquatic resources. grey-BR

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