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Often when resource consent is permitted there is a requirement for compliance monitoring to be carried out in order to meet stipulated conditions. At EOS, we are regularly employed to interpret consent conditions and determine the details of the monitoring necessary to meet these compliance requirements. Our team then manages the monitoring by carrying out field work and laboratory analysis and ensuring reports are submitted on time.

Our work in this area encompasses a vast range of projects from the monitoring of ground and surface water, through to monitoring pathogens in shellfish. In recent years we have developed and carried out compliance work for projects such as:

  • Sewage discharges in freshwater, estuary, and shoreline environments;
  • Stormwater and sediment discharges into waterways; and
  • Landfill leachates in surface and groundwater environments.


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arrow West Coast Landfill Monitoring
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arrow Ocean Outfall Monitoring
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Collecting shellfish along the Pegasus Bay shoreline as part of compliance monitoring for an ocean outfall sewage discharge. grey-BR

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