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Many of our aquatic systems have been altered to some degree through a change in land use. In recent years, there has been an increasing desire to restore or naturalise these aquatic systems to improve their ecological health and add value to our communities.

Although restorating an environment to its original state is often impossible, the potential exists to naturalise a system to the extent that it provides improved habitat and enhances biodiversity values. Effective naturalisation must be based on sound scientific knowledge and detailed design which is where EOS Ecology comes in. Our staff lead restoration projects from start to finish, providing advice to engineers and landscape architects to ensure that the appropriate microhabitats for target species are created. We oversee the construction phase to ensure habitats are correctly incorporated, and can undertake pre and post construction surveys to determine the success of the restoration project.

Our team has experience working on restoration projects where species require particular habitat features, and provide advice for projects both in NZ and overseas (e.g., Chongming Island in China). We are therefore well placed to take on aquatic restoration projects of varying scale and difficulty.

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Water velocity, substrate, and riparian vegetation are key elements for any stream restoration project. grey-BR

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