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science communication


Science underpins the wealth of our nation—economically, environmentally, and socially. However, without the ability to clearly communicate scientific findings, the use of vital scientific information to help develop and improve our communities is often severely limited.

The term ‘science communication’ is an ill-defined beast. Most commonly it is a term used when a scientist expands their skill set by taking a course in journalism or writing—helping them explain complex ideas in words. While we are happy to lend a hand with this, written content is only one part of communicating effectively with your audience, and we are happy to lend a hand with that. But at EOS we understand that how you visually present and disseminate that content is the difference between your information reaching people or falling between the cracks.

Whether you are looking to build brand credibility and market your services, or there’s results from a research project that need communicating—how your material looks, and the channels by which it is delivered (i.e., print, digital, etc.), can make all the difference to your target audience. Just because your message is technical doesn’t mean it has to be intimidating or confusing.

Download our Science Communication Capabilities Booklet

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