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Soil & Sediment Solutions


Erosion and sedimentation are intrinsically linked. Entrained sediment from the erosion process begins a long and destructive path from source to deposition. Along its path, suspended sediment adversely affects aquatic ecology, amenity value and recreational use, by light attenuation or direct smothering of organisms and their habitat. Suspended sediment also has a strong association with pollutants such as phosphorus, heavy metals and agri-chemicals. Once sediment reaches low energy receiving environments, siltation further degrades habitat and causes permanent geomorphic change.

At EOS Ecology we recognise this interlinked process causes irreparable damage and degradation of soil resources and detrimental flow-on effects for ecology. Sedimentation issues also result in heavy waterway maintenance and undesirable anthropogenic change. With these key factors in mind, EOS Ecology has constructed a Soil & Sedimentation Team to provide clients with research quality applied solutions. At EOS Ecology we address erosion and sedimentation issues with a systems approach, by recognising the sediment continuum of source-transport-fate.

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spacer Our areas of expertise focus on conserving soil resources and protecting downstream environments by assessing the effects of sedimentation. Project examples include:  
arrow Assessment of erosion control product effectiveness
arrow Building tools for community groups and councils to compare catchment specific water quality measurements
arrow Identification of worst contributors to poor water quality in urbanised catchments
arrow Locating sources of sediment affecting catchment water quality and the health of receiving ecosystems
arrow Advice on soil stabilisation, flocculation and Erosion and Sediment Control Planning (ESCP)
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