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Hidden beneath our roads is a subterranean network of pipes transferring stormwater to our waterways and estuaries. As our cities grow, so does the amount of stormwater and the need to better understand how it affects our environment.

At EOS, our skills extend to the collection and analysis of stormwater to determine treatment efficiency and potential impacts of stormwater on receiving environments. Because stormwater can have visual as well as ecological impacts on receiving environments, our job is to determine where contaminants are derived from and how well treatment systems are working. As such, we can plan and implement your stormwater monitoring programme to meet consent conditions and establish the efficiency of your treatment system.

Our scientists happily spend rainy days collecting stormwater samples (via hand or automatic samplers) before sending them to an accredited lab for testing. We then analyse the resulting data and produce reports outlining the condition of stormwater and their treatment systems, making recommendations for improvements where necessary.

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As stormwater basins become an accepted means of treating stormwater, it is important to monitor their efficiency. grey-BR

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